Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 48: Redlands to Santa Monica CA (90 mi)

There it is! The ride itself was hot and traffic in L.A. required all my concentration and previous urban riding experience. But the last 20 miles was an all-out sprint, weaving in and out of buses and cars. I got to the pier at dusk, and my host Lisa led me down to the beach so I could dip the front tire in the Pacific.

So... what now? 
The next few days are figured out: tomorrow will be with my uncle who lives in L.A., and Monday will likely be back here at Lisa's in Santa Monica. Then... bike up the coast? There are plenty of hosts, and it's only another few hundred miles to get to the Bay Area. Or, if I'm ready to go home I can take the next Amtrak out of here. I guess I'll figure stuff out as I go along, just like the trip.

Either way, I biked!


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  2. Congratulations, Eric, great picture! I liked your post about dogs, Steve sprays a water bottle at angry dogs, it's pretty effective and harmless. Do you have any stories to post about impatient motorists?

  3. The Grumpster and Grampster are thrilled that you've done it! The Giant Möö award awaits your return. YEAAAAA

  4. Eric congratulations I'm so impressed and proud of you!!! Amazing picture also :) :) can't wait to hear all your stories in person!

  5. Way to go!!! That's a great feat!

  6. A hearty congratulations. I am reminded of the book "Holes" by Louis Sachar, about your bike and dipping in the water.
    After, perhaps one could visit Astoria, Miami, or Bar Harbor?
    I am relieved the Pepper spray has not been used as of yet.

  7. Congrats Eric wow!!!!! you have been a motivating inspiration to me and many others !
    Laurie C

  8. Fantastic job, Eric! What an adventure! But the journey doesn't have to end there: hop on that bike (or a train) and come on up to Seattle! I'd love to go riding with you around here.

  9. Congrats Eric! I'm so impressed with your perseverance and endurance. Well done! -Hardin