Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 42: Ash Fork to Kingman AZ (110 mi)

Long, hot, and hillier than I expected. I could have shaved an hour off the riding time by going on I-40, but was really tired of the highway.

For the next three nights I have no host. Since I got to Kingman with some sunlight left, I'll ride around and see if a church will put me up. There are three in town, and I bet at least one is open for Bible study on a Sunday night. Tomorrow it's imperative I get enough rest, because the following day will be the toughest ride of the trip - I may just go straight for a motel that night.

"That's a crazy white kid thing to do. If he were a smart black man like me, he'd take a bus to the west coast."

That quote is from Bruce, and was relayed to me by my sister Julia. Bruce is one of the senior-most cooks at AGAVA restaurant back in Ithaca (I used to wash dishes there and Julia is currently a hostess).

Bruce has a point; there have been several points during the trip where being  a young white male has helped in subtle ways like receiving food, shelter, and friends. Of course there's no Bruce pedaling behind me to show this difference, but I have my hunches.

Now more than ever is a time to reflect on what got me this far across the US (and this safely?!) on bike, because I don't think it's just pedaling.


  1. I cannot believe you are almost there. You've been overall pretty safe for this trip, and I'm really glad that you're aight still. You'll be in California before the kiddies have finished five weeks of school, and there's plenty of time left for more adventure. I honestly dare you to go to Vegas.

  2. Why would you want to go to Vegas?

    1. What could be more alluring than Sin City to 18-yr-old's from upstate New York?