Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 41: Flagstaff to Ash Fork AZ (60 miles)

Easy ride, mostly downhill. I'm beginning to "cash in" some of the feet I climbed the past 2 weeks. That said, there's a substantial uphill tomorrow into Seligman before cruising down into Kingman.

My host tonight (and my last known host until Hesperia CA) is Karen. The house is actually 10 miles north of Ash Fork, but today wasn't high mileage so there's no concern. Karen's a retired NPS ranger who spent 25 years in some of the most wonderful parks in the country. She's familiar with Petrified Forest and El Morro, so those were good points of conversation. Karen has two cute pugs, one sassy cat, and two sassier parrots. For dinner she made a really hearty chicken soup... Mmmm

We've been watching Doctor Who for two hours and Alfi, one of the dogs, is squishing his pug face against me. Life is good!

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