Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day 34: Santa Fe to Albuquerque NM (80 mi)

Got a decent start on the road, but even gentle hills left me winded because I am still not used to the altitude. No worries - I stopped often to catch my breath and take pictures, and the ride was mostly downhill (Albuquerque is down at 5000 ft). The next few days will bring more hills; I think I'll change my mileage to exit New Mexico in three days instead of two. The mountains are beautiful too, no need to rush...

Scott and David are hosting me tonight in Albuquerque. I was told of Scott's cooking beforehand, and was not disappointed: ribs, potatoes, carrots, kale. Sure beats another night with the Chef!
your sauce is bland and your ravioli unpalatable

No hosts until Gallup. Maybe some camping, maybe some asking for a bed or couch or floor.

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  1. "Your sauce is bland and your ravioli unpalatable" will be used the next time I need to hurl a creative insult at someone. Thanks bro.