Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 33: Santa Fe NM

Today was as much a rest day as it was an opportunity to take inventory, stock up on clif bars, and get the bike checked out. The awesome team at The Broken Spoke cleaned and lubed the chain for free, and sold me a half-roll of bar tape (it's all I needed) for five bucks. They also helped identify the source of a really annoying squeak in the front wheel: some rubber dust protector that just needed a drop of lubricant.

I got coffee with Theo, a follower of this blog and fellow Ithacan. He has a cool pottery studio and gallery here in Santa Fe. We chatted for an hour about Ithaca, bike touring, a bunch of stuff. Man, it's really great to make these connections 2000 miles away from home!

I didn't get the opportunity to take many pictures of the city during the day, but will tomorrow when I ride out. Here's one of a really nice bike path along the railroad

So, the big reason I wanted to be here today was the burning of Zozobra ("Old Man Gloom"). It's an annual festival in its 91st year, with thousands of people attending from all around the region. Everyone got to write down their negative or gloomy thoughts on slips of paper, and it all burned within the massive effigy.

Zozobra from a distance

A dancing ritual...

Everyone shouts "BURN HIM!!!"

That's today's quote.

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  1. You da bomb, Ricky Moo! Loved that Raz-berry on GR's show. A great town in which to spend down time, and we're jealous.
    Grumps and Grimmers