Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day 4: Lockport to Fredonia NY (70 mi)

Long day, and I got pretty bad sunburns on my arms. No flat tires though! The map I am using had me going through Canada for 20 miles around Niagara Falls, but I don't have a passport... so I scribbled down some Google Maps directions that commanded a more direct route. Google Maps being indiscriminant and unbiased in all senses aside from "traffic-patternist", I found myself in some not-so-nice parts of Buffalo before getting on route 20 all the way to Fredonia.

My host tonight is Kim. She lives with her husband and daughter just outside of Fredonia. Awesome place: solar panels, hand built house, four goats, the works. 

I also met a friend here, Florent. He's a medical student in France who is taking a year off to bike around the whole U.S. We've agreed to bike together for the next few days, probably until Cleveland. I'm really glad; biking alone isn't so fun after a while.

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  1. Maybe you can have goat milk for breakfast. Do your hosts give you breakfast?