Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 23: Springfield to Joplin MO (75 mi)

Another nice ride, with hills here and there. I'm still technically in the northern Ozarks, but my guess is that the terrain will flatten out in Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. I got a flat three miles outside of Springfield, but I hopped off, changed tubes, and was on my way in 5 minutes.

Hosts are getting to be few and far between as I progress west, and they're concentrated in a few major cities. That presents me with a dilemma: either increase the mileage dramatically in an effort to reach a host every night I can, or take it slow and steady, camping often. I may sample both strategies and choose one for the rest of the trip.

Tonight however I have the pleasure of staying with Shaun and Christy in Joplin. He works at the post office and a nice restaurant/bar in town, and she at a bank. Shaun treated me to dinner at the restaurant during his shift, and Christy drove me around afterward to see some sites around town. The town was hit by a pretty violent tornado last year.

Tomorrow is going to be the longest ride yet, all the way to a suburb of Tulsa OK. There are plenty of Warm Showers and CS hosts around, but I will actually be staying with my sister's friend's mom's family? I don't exactly remember, but it's awesome to have some connections.

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