Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 2: Geneva to Spencerport NY (53 mi)

Ended up trying my luck and biked right past Rochester - straight into a thunderstorm. I got 4 flats total and one of the spares had a bent nozzle; I walked the last 5 miles to Spencerport. Having nowhere to stay I walked to the fire station, but for some reason no one answered the buzzer. The sun was setting and I was feeling pretty hopeless, but then a man walking his dog offered me his living room floor.

Zeke lives alone in a quaint but comfy home a few houses down from the fire station. Aside from adding to his impressive collection of cowboy hats, he works on radar positioning systems for underground use. I do not know what that entails. Oh, and he used to be a pilot and now flies drones as a hobby.

I lied - Zeke doesn't live alone. He lives with his dog Micky Macleod. Here is Micky Macleod begging for a piece of chicken in my lap


  1. The regular flat tires are making me laugh in awkward sympathy. If we lived along your route ... we'd put you up! But, we are at the end. We'll still put you up, whenever you get tired of your regular Redlands haunts.

    1. Thanks Kim! I'll be sure to at least stop by when I come through Redlands.