Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 14: Lafayette IN to Catlin IL (65 mi)

A good ride, but a hot day. Thankfully I started carrying a 3rd water bottle.

After breakfast Malcolm donated a half hour of his time helping to clean the bike of yesterday's mud. He also adjusted the B-tension on the rear derailleur, an issue with which I have no experience. Ten minutes after hopping on and pedaling away, I noticed smoother shifting overall. My guess is that a similar cleaning and set of adjustments at a bike shop would have been at least 40 bucks (5 days of food), so I'm very grateful to Malcolm.

This was much of the scenery during the ride. Gentle hills, long stretches of green - very relaxing. 

My hosts tonight are Jamie and Angie from the small town of Catlin, IL. Food and conversation is all I can really ask for after a day of cycling, and these two are great at both. 


  1. Hey Eric, really impressed with how well you are doing. I read your blog every day. Be safe and keep up the pace!

  2. Thank you! Very glad to have supporters back home