Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 10: Fremont to Defiance OH (80 mi)

This was the first ride with virtually no hills. Some small inclines here and there, and of course the occasional mound of gravel on which trains travel. 
Some parts of the ride are getting dull (that's how I have the time to think of rhymes and alliterations.) I'm talking dozens of miles between towns with nothing but corn and wheat. That said, I'm considering listening to music or audiobooks while I bike. One earbud, on the right side so I can still hear upcoming traffic. 
Ken is hosting me tonight in Defiance. He's an avid cyclist and owns... I think 7 bikes total. Absolutely great guy - he treated me to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in town! I scarfed down a massive burrito in record time, and the subsequent food coma almost knocked me out before I had time to write this.

Tomorrow is a short ride relative to the past couple days, but there's supposed to be a cyclists-only shelter in town with showers and laundry.

An old decrepit grain elevator. Not monstrously tall but I saw it from 5 miles up the road - that's how flat the terrain is.

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  1. Not good cross country training terrain. Looks like you're surviving nicely!