Monday, August 24, 2015

A Note on Food

It took a while to work out the kinks, but my diet is pretty much set for the trip.

If I'm at a host's house, I eat whatever they feed me for breakfast. This is typically eggs, bagels, toast, yogurt, fruit, normal breakfast food. If not, I'll use my camping stove to cook instant oatmeal.

Breakfast #2 usually comes at 10 am after the first couple hours of riding. This entails 2 pb and honey sandwiches, dried fruit, and some milk or juice from a grocery store or a gas station.

Noon: 10 min break for clif bar or lara bar. I love lara bars...

Lunch is around 3. Usually this is some baked beans with bread and more dried fruit, but sometimes I go to a fast food joint. No, the food isn't particularly good for you, but it's calorie-rich and places like McDonald's have free WiFi so I can check the route and write posts like this.

Through experience and conversations with other cyclists, I can confirm that it honestly doesn't matter a whole lot what you eat on the road, as long as it's not something like potato chips for days. Everything eventually goes in the burner. I think of Dora the Explorer's backpack, the one that gobbles up all the items Dora didn't choose. 

yumyumyumyum. ¡Delicioso!

After lunch I keep my blood saturated with clif bars and gatorade until I arrive at my destination.

Dinner with a host is when I get the best-quality food. This is when I can fill up on whole grains and vegetables. Either way, I've been taking a multivitamin every morning just in case I get... scurvy or something.

Note about fast food: No Taco Bell, no exceptions. It will screw you over later with a bumpy ride on the porcelain bus.


  1. I love all the jokes! Hilarious! Keep it up dude! Go Diego Go!
    -Andrew in St Louis

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