Saturday, July 25, 2015

Prologue (Days -1, 0)

This was a shakeout trip in order to test the bike, the gear, and of course my endurance carrying it. My buddy Lucas came along for the ride (I found out later he had already biked 30 miles that morning with his Dad, he's that type of guy). Within two miles I had a flat tire - a very bad omen considering I want to pedal 3000+. After a few curses and 10 minutes patching the inner tube, we were off again with no other issues. We headed north up the western side of Cayuga Lake into Trumansburg, then west into Schuyler County. We stayed overnight on the lawn of a host I found on WarmShowers. John, his wife Liz, and their son Michael are all great people, very hospitable and friendly.

I leave in 10 days

Beautiful Kayuta Lake, our view upon waking up at John's house

Our host John

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